Hands of a craftsman, think like a designer

Our ambition is to realise the dreams of designers, architects and artists by weaving their ideas into the most precious fabrics and textile products. The combination of our high-tech machines, expert craftsmanship and young and ambitious creative team make us an ideal partner. We always work in co-creation with the client, to use the best of both worlds. We have the hands of a craftsman, think like a designer and have the backbone of a manager.



Our textile developments focus mainly on the following 4 subgroups :

  • (ultra) High Definition (photographic) weaving
  • 21st Century Gobelins jacquard weaving
  • 3D woven Garments developments
  • 3D woven Textile Products developments


“A product is only finished with a nice label. Take a look at EE Labels for beautiful brand labels.”


Custom jacquard fabrics

For fashion-, interior- and art projects.
Starting from 1 meter

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