Jacquard Weaving

Jacquard weaving is a technique that was developed around 1800 in Lyon, France. This technique allows for weaving very complex patterns.
In 1900, Willem van Engelen and Peter Evers started a ribbon weaving company in the beautiful village of Heeze, in the south of the Netherlands. Their beautiful heritage still lives on with the current 4th generation of Evers managing the company. EE Exclusives has become a worldwide supplier of worldclass jacquard woven labels and ribbons for fashion- and other industries.
Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the decision was taken in 2013 to invest in two custom built weaving looms from Italy. Weaving labels demands a high degree of precision (of millimeters) and this has since been made possible – even on a 1,50 meter width – with the arrival of these new machines. With a jacquard of 12.500 precision points, these are one of the most precise looms available.

Collaborations in Jacquard Weaving

Along with our craftmenship, this technique creates many new, exciting possibilities and is now available to designers, artists, architects and creative companies. We can fulfill your dreams!
Instead of applying our knowledge and techniques in a conventional manner, such as in creating collections, we decided to choose and work with designers and artists on a project base only. We have created fabrics exclusively for fashion designers, woven wall panels for architects and designers, upholstery fabrics for furniture, and custom woven book covers and woven wallets.
Additionally we are able to produce both in small and larger quantities, whether it is for sampling or a complete production.

Please feel free to contact us with any ideas that you would like us to collaborate on!


Custom jacquard fabrics

For fashion-, interior- and art projects.
Starting from 1 meter

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