For over 120 years EE Labels is creating labels and ribbons for:

  • Fashion and Retail
  • Lifestyle and Design
  • Sport Health and Wellbeing
  • Industry and Automotive markets


Diversity of interest

The experience of working together for such a long time with all these different markets, proves the diversity of our interests and the many possibilities of our specialised jacquard techniques.

EE Exclusives develops premium, high-end jacquard woven fabrics for

  • Interior
  • Fashion
  • Independent art projects
  • Automotive


Pioneers in 3D weaving

We are also one of the pioneers in 3D weaving, creating woven end products directly on the loom.


With the arrival of our fifth large new machines early 2020, we are focusing on the production of personalised and customised fabrics for unique interior design, fashion and art projects, woven as special editions or full production runs.


Translate your artwork into jacquard woven fabric

Wether every cm is a unique woven artwork, or a repetitive design, we translate your ideas into jacquard fabrics. Photorealistic, graphical, textured, painting or a mix, our fabrics will have a big zoom-in effect and are much more tactile then for instance printed textile. All fabrics are locally woven in our factory in Heeze (NL), therefor we are able to work with a fast delivery.

We are used to work under confidentiality contracts.

We work together with nationally and internationally recognised designers, architects, artists, brands and many promising new talents, to make the following products:



  • wall-coverings
  • tapestries (21st Century Gobelins)
  • woven wallpaper
  • upholstery fabrics
  • 3D woven furniture sleeves as (replaceable) upholstery, pillows
  • custom ribbons, labels, laser cutpatches



  • (high definition) fashion fabrics starting from 20€/mtr
  • Haute-Couture (experimental) fabrics
  • special editions / capsule collections
  • (high definition) woven ‘placed prints’ panels
  • custom ribbons, labels, laser cut patches



  • 3D woven garments for fashion, medical, accessories
  • 3D woven products for interior, accessories
  • 3D woven ‘sleeves’ for furniture, pillows, automotive


WEEEF by EE Exclusives

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